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About Me

Return to Wholeness

I am a trauma-informed psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, gong therapist, breathwork practitioner that firmly believes in the value of human life. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to enriching the human experience by focusing on healing mental health and improving overall well-being. 

Having enjoyed a successful corporate life as a Chartered Accountant, I embarked on a journey of growth and transformation after a challenging beginning to motherhood. The quest to heal physically, mentally and emotionally for both myself and loved ones propelled the return to my wholeness, peace and wellness. 

Through my wealth of life experiences and evidence based psychological therapies, I have a keen interest to empower and compassionately support individuals, couples and families coping with stresses and pressures of life. I have lived experience of the cultural and personal identity issues facing migrant, expatriates and special needs communities.  This, along with my background in leadership as a corporate advisor, and my experience in integrative healing modalities, makes my approach unique and very impactful to each individual client. 

Often the return to wholeness begins with the acceptance of yourself - imperfections and all. It’s about being compassionate with yourself as you are, and building on what you already have in life. I believe that you have the power to self-heal and that the purpose of my presence is to help you to awake the healer within. My approach from the beginning will be us working collaboratively, as a team, to re-discover the path that leads you to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 

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